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Online Therapy / Telehealth


Much of the therapy process is creating a safe working relationship between client and therapist. I work with those who appreciate the privacy and confidentiality of a therapist relationship and are committed to the process that this work requires. It's a unique relationship that offers support, new skills and awareness. I often offer take home assignments/resources that expand your learning about yourself, and work towards the goals you have for therapy. My hope is that you develop a more expansive, positive and compassionate sense of self. This renewed sense of self you walk away with is stronger and clearer about who you are, what you want, and how to move forward in your life so you can get it! 

Topics of focus

Life Transitions/Managing Changes
Relationship troubles / Infidelity / Recurring Fights
Exploring Poly / Ethical non-monogamy
Family / How to reconnect and rebuild relationships
Internal struggles/ Big emotions / Fears
Grief and Loss (person, pets, old self/life, etc)
Spiritual / Existential Questions

I work collaboratively with other practitioners to provide additional resources you may need, so working with me covers all your bases. And I encourage natural ways of managing distress, but if a referral for medication is necessary I will send you to an ARNP Nurse Practitioner or a Psychiatrist for an evaluation. And we will always talk about all your options before choosing that step. 

I welcome and serve people of all religious faiths, nationalities, sexual orientations and Lifestyles. 

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