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Couples Counseling

Some of the biggest rewards and challenges we face in life are within our intimate relationships. And most of us are not taught how to create relationships that are lasting and mutually fulfilling. It takes time every day and conscious attention towards our person/partner/spouse to maintain a strong loving connection over time. And creating a relationship that is fulfilling, satisfying and lasting seems to be more difficult these days in modern times of unlimited distractions. Maintaining a relationship past the honeymoon phase takes clarity of intention, looking at any unconscious expectations and creating mutual goals that you can work towards as a team, supporting one another. 

I use the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Imago couples therapy dialouge, among other proven techniques to help you create the relationship you want and desire.

My work with each couple begins with assisting you both in taking the time needed to clarify and clearly define your goals for therapy during the intake sessions, and to create a plan/path based on those goals. The Gottman Method sometimes guides the work toward creating love maps and learning how to listen and attend to one another in new more positive ways (ex. Gottman's 5:1 ratio). You will see the patterns keeping you stuck in the same recurring struggles and how to approach them differently (EFCT, Imago). The ways in which we approach your goals are tailored to the unique people that you are, and to the relationship you are wanting to create together. 

It doesn’t have to take years to manifest and maintain that connection and spark again, but it does take focused attention and commitment to prioritizing your relationship, like you used to. If it's true that we put our time and money towards what we value most….How important is your person/partner/spouse to you? What are you willing to do to make it last? 

On average I see couples for 8-15 sessions, ranging from 2-6 months. Upon ending therapy some couples choose to continue with sessions over time for relapse prevention. 

Some issues that Couples Counseling works on:

  • Premarital Agreements/ Premarital Counseling

  • Create Love Maps/ Values assessment (for a life built together)
  • Relationship Tune-ups/ Reviewing relationship goals
  • Communication Skills/Do I really hear what you're saying?
  • Intimacy/ What is Intimacy/How do we create it & Maintain it?
  • Infidelity/ Can we rebuild this?/Am I still Special to you?
  • Discernment counseling/ Divorce support            

I welcome and serve people of all religious faiths, nationalities, sexual orientations and Lifestyles. 

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