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Candles, Mindful Sex Therapy

Mindful Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a special and personal part of our lives. It can bring us a lot of joy, pleasure and a connection to our own bodies, and within our relationships. It can also bring a sense of frustration or disappointment, both emotional and physical. Because I believe everyone has a human right to their own bodies and a satisfying and nurturing sex life, I've been completing advanced training in sex therapy. 

With this training I am able to help individuals and couples talk about sex, what sex means to them, as well as help you work through thoughts and feelings that aren't serving you around your sex life.  You can find solutions so you'll experience what you want to experience, and own your body and sexual nature in ways that work for you.

You will also gain understanding of how Mindful presence toward your body improves sensual experience and presence in sexual relationships. Mindfulness is the key to being present in ones body, and in experiencing pleasure and connection with others. 

In addition, I work collaboratively with other health care professionals,

 including doctors and physical therapists to meet all your sexual health needs. 

This is to offer a full range of resources to create holistic health care for you and your partner/s.

My office is a safe place to talk about issues such as:

Why is sex important? / What does it mean to you?
Body image around sex
Communication & Negotiation about sexual issues
Desire / Libido differences in relationships
Healing from sexual abuse/trauma
Sexual behaviors that are secret or harm your relationship
Pain with sex / Vaginismus / Anorgasmia 

I welcome and serve people of all religious faiths, nationalities, sexual orientations and Lifestyles. 

Check out this article from Psychology Today about Mindfulness and its affects on sex:

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