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Sex is a team sport-and There's no "I" in Team!
Guidelines for Revitalizing and Maintaining Sexual Desire

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Guidelines for Revitalizing and Maintaining Sexual Desire


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Sex is a team sport-and There's no "I" in Team!

In this article Dr. Barry McCarthy talks about how the sexual power struggles that develop in relationships do their damage over time by eroding long term sexual connection for couples. Becoming sexual team mates and learning about different kinds of touch (sensual/non sexual) will increase the potential that you will be having great sex well into your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond. 

Guidelines for Revitalizing and Maintaining Sexual Desire

Here is a link to some of the work I am studying right now. I think Barry McCarthy's work offers some sound structural framework for long term sexual relationships. As well as offering some level of sex education that we didn't get in high school, but should have! No one helped many of us really know how to create satisfying long term sexual relationships. Most people are just winging it and creating their own rules with mixed results. 
Here's the link:

"Why we Love, Why we Cheat"

A video clip about the science behind Love, Sex, Men/Women/People/Evolution.

Why do people have Sex?

I like this blog post by Dr. Marty Klein. It's true that people have sex for all kinds of reasons, so its best not to assume anything and just ask. Communication can also make the experience deeper and closer to what you want to get out of it. Assuming anything is usually always a bad idea.

Check out his blog post here:

How to Grow Up

This article helps describe ways in which we can mature and grow into our relationships by connecting to the passion and sex life already present within them. 

Is Masturbation Good for You?

Check out this short clip: 
about why the term "Use it or lose it" applies to sexual functioning and why masturbation is good for healthy sexual functioning.

Clitoris: A Complete Sex Guide on Vimeo

Here's a great vimeo on a Women's Clitoris. Great sex takes educating ourselves and learning about our bodies. 

Anatomy of the Clitoris

Your Brain is the most powerful sex organ

Read this article and watch the video clip of Esther Perel talk about "Sexuality, Eroticism and Creativity", and how the erotic is a creative thing, and our brain allows us to connect to that part of ourselves. Click the link and enjoy!

Own your pleasure

New Research on Infidelity.

Esther Perel is a highly known therapist, author and lecturer internationally and located in New York City. She has been doing investigative research on the topic of infidelity and what keeps the passion alive in long term relationships. Her lasted TedTalk on this is worth a listen. 

If you have questions about infidelity, sex within long term relationships or are looking for help to get through the grief and loss and changes infidelity causes in relationships, please email for potential openings in my schedule.
Warm Regards, Lisa

"Sex: The Engine that drives us or stalls us."

A great article with questions about what sex and your sex life really mean to you.
Intimate touch

Sex & Relationships

Check out these TED talks about sex and relationships:

Esther Perel, Author, Researcher, Therapist

Michelle Weiner-Davis, Author, Researcher, Therapist