Mindfulness Based Therapy for Relationships & Emotional Health -
Online Counseling/Coaching

  • Online counseling is an easy way to get the help you need without having to drive to one more appointment. These days, regardless of whether you live in the city, or out in the country, you might spend more time getting to your appointment than in the appointment itself! Online Counseling / Coaching lets clients save time and forgo the typical weekly or twice-weekly commute.

  • It’s Affordable (and insurance might pay for it) A growing number of insurance plans now cover online mental health services. I am Out-Of-Network with some insurance plans. Please contact your Insurance carrier before scheduling if you plan to use your Out-of-Network insurance coverage. 

  • If your Insurance doesn’t cover online sessions, don’t worry, I have very affordable rates for anyone paying out of pocket. 

  • I use HIPPA-compliant Doxy.me where you only have to click a link. You do not have to download any software. 

  • Once you've made an appointment by clicking this button, 

Make an Appointment here!

...then I can send you a link to the online waiting room, or by clicking this link:  https://doxy.me/mindfulsextherapy 

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